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LDH Distributors is a leading supplier of industrial cleaning products and equipment, washroom hygiene products, safety wear, promotional and corporate uniforms to many recognised private and government establishments within the Eastern Cape.

LDH Distributors is a BEE registered joint venture between Ms Zodwa Dyalvane and Lesly Hartwell that was established in 2003 when Lesly arranged a project to clean graffiti from public walls with the help of previously disadvantaged students that required pocket money for the holidays. The project was not only a huge success but cemented the friendship and business relationship between Zodwa and Lesly.

LDH Distributors has recognised the need to be more environmentally aware and have the sole distribution rights to the Faren biodegradable cleaning products for the Eastern Cape.

Faren products have the highest European certification available. These include ISO 9001, EN 9001 and SGS SWISS CERTIFICATION. This ensures our numerous clients not only enjoy the best achievable results, but also know that in terms of environmental compliance, all Faren’s products are safe and have no negative impact on people, animals or sensitive natural resources.
Port Elizabeth Stadium
Servicing the best of Port Elizabeth
LDH Distributors are proud to have been a part of the opening of the new Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium and the British Irish Lions and the Southern Kings rugby game which was attended by 38000 excited fans by supplying the hand soap, floor sealer, sanitizers and various other cleaning equipment.
Best Sellers
Decavil F is a scale remover with dissolving action for building and brick works.
SNOW is called a super absorbent because of its extraordinary versatility in absorbing any kind of liquid or semi-liquid on contact.
A new multi purpose cleanser with descaling action. Its formula is based on active citrus acid for removing grease and scale.
No Rust will stop rust and reconvert it into an organic metal substance.